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Protective Property Trusts

(sometimes known as Bloodline Wills)

Protective Property Trusts

For most people their priority is to pass their property onto their loved ones but have you considered what would happen to your property if your spouse re-married after your death or needed long term care? Your property could either be used to fund your care or the surviving spouse could change their Will and re-direct the assets.

What can be done to avoid this?

For married couples, a Protective Property Trust could be the answer. By including this type of trust within your Wills you can leave your share of your property in trust with your spouse having full use of the property during their lifetime and guarantee that your share of your property will pass to your intended beneficiaries.


The advantages of a Protective Property Trust:

  • you guarantee that your share of your property will be left to your intended beneficiaries
  • the value of your share of your property will be ring fenced from possible long term care fees
  • ensure your share of the property is not lost should your spouse re-marry
  • protects the trust property from bankruptcy

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