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Why make a Will?

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Why make a Will?

The decision to make a Will is one of the most important decisions you will make. Many people plan their finances but leave out the missing link, by not having a Will. By making a Will you can underpin your financial arrangements. You can name who you would want to benefit from your estate and also name guardians for your minor children if you were not there for them. This is especially important if you are an unmarried parent or have children by another relationship. By not making a Will you will leave it for the State to decide for you.

People know the importance of making their Will but for one reason or another keep putting it off. One phrase people often use is that they have nothing to leave, but the truth is we all have something to leave – maybe ISAs, or other Savings Accounts or even those long forgotten Premium Bonds you’ve had for years. By making a Will you can also make provision to leave monies to a particular person or maybe your preferred charity.

If you own a property – do not assume that on your death it will automatically go to your spouse or partner, the Rules of Intestacy may not work in your favour.

Unfortunately, there will always be more heartache if you die without having written a Will. By not making a Will you would almost certainly leave behind added problems for your loved ones. Dealing with the estate of a deceased person without a Will, will almost certainly cost more than if a Will had been written in the first place.

Making your Will brings security, reassurance and above all peace of mind – not just for you, but for all those who depend on you, either now or in the future. Don’t leave it to chance.

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